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Vintage Estes Flying Model Rocket AMRAAM AIM 120 Model Number EST 2153


Vintage Centuri Rocket Saturn 1B from 1969 model

Classic Ship Models-RC Ship Models-
ready to run ship models and
classic sailing ship display museum quality models-delivered

Estes Flying Model Rocket Kit Mean Machine 1295

The Mean Machine standing almost 80 inches tall is one TALL rocket and to make transport to the launch field easier, the clever rocket designers developed a unique twist lock connector set that allows you to take your rocket apart right in the middle!

This legendary rocket is a Skill Level 2 kit and has been one of our highly requested bring backs and you've got it now! We've just updated the decor and think you will love it as much as we do! This high performance rocket can be flown on our powerful E engines or D engines with the included engine spacer and can top out at about 700 feet. A colorful 24 inch pre-assembled parachute is included for recovery. This rocket kit is another of the favorite classics that no model rocket enthusiast should be without!

Skill Level 2

Length: 79 in. (200.7 cm)
Diameter: 1.64 in. (42 mm)
Estimated Weight: 8.5 oz. (241 g)

Laser cut Wood Fins, Waterslide Decals, 24 in. (61 cm) Parachute Recovery, Twist-lock Coupler

Recommended Engines: D12-3 (first launch), D12-5, E12-4, E12-6

Projected Max Altitude: 700 ft. (213 m)

E Engine launches require an Estes Porta-Pad E Launch Pad, E Launch Controller and a 3/16 inch (5 mm) Maxi Launch Rod - sold separately.

Gemini Titan 8 Skin Kit
Build Your Own 1/54 Gemini Titan Model Rocket
Fits BT-70 body tube...Same as Estes K-21 Kit and Clones
"Skin" It With This Accur8 Kit
Perfect Addition To Your Scale Fleet
Suggested Parts List
Basic Suggested Instructions To Build Your Gemini Clone From Scratch

(YOU provide the kits or parts to build the rocket...I provide the skins with this kit)

Want to scratch build or build a modified "clone" (the tunnel details are different) of the Estes Gemini Titan model rocket from the 1960s?
Just want to build a nice Gemini Titan VIII vehicle to show off?

The Accur8 GT-8 Skin Kit provides you with a complete set of ultra thin (.002") poly "wraps" that are sized to wrap around Estes BT70 and equivalent body tubes that have an outside diameter of 2.217". The BT-70 scales to 1:54.

Details Galore!
Detailing includes features like panel lines, the subtle shadings of the various sections of the booster, very subtle detailing representing the external surface mill pattern (look close!), serial numbers matching the GT-8 mission, rivets (look close again!) as well as detailed "skins" for all 7 (count 'em) external systems tunnels. Also included on the skins are the locations for the external longerons at the base of the vehicle.

The kit includes:

Three self-adhesive printed polyvinyl sheets for completely covering your Gemini Titan booster body tube, and its external scale systems tunnels. No painting of body tube required.
Suggested parts list of readily available parts (you can get them online through eBay or direct from the manufactuers)
Suggested construction details including motor mounts and other internal parts
(The Gemini spacecraft as well as other 3D printed items to build your GT are available from Shapeways and Boyce . )

The kit has markings and details specific to the Gemini Titan VIII mission flown by Neil Armstrong and Dave Scott...and was also America's first "near disaster" that had to be aborted prematurely but was saved by the piloting skills of Armstrong. I'll leave it up to you to look up its history and find out more. Neil Armstrong was the first human to set foot on the Moon in 1969.

Applying the skin kit is faster and easier than filling, primering and painting. Full instructions are included (printed on the skin sheets and separate printed instructions which have diagrams and full sized patterns). You can actually "skin" the Titan body in about 10 minutes and it will look like you spent DAYS painting and detailing. Plus the skin adds strength to the body tube while adding only about 6 grams (less than 1/4 ounce) to the overall weight of the finished model.

Vintage AEROTECH Mustang Advanced Model Rocket Kit

model trains for beginners

This is only one example of the many great deals you can find here

Lot of Model Rocket Supplies,7 Partial Estes Kits & 14 Vintage Parts List/Instructions

Up for bid is huge lot of model rocket supplies, 7 partial Estes kits, 14 Vintage Estes Parts list/Instructions and 2 vintage Estes fin pattern sheets.

Estes Partial Kits:
-EchoStar #2176: Payload section and nose cone have been assembled. 2 fins have been covered in paper but missing balsa sheets with other fins. It has all other parts in excellent condition. Produced from 2001-2003 (China)
-Bail-Out #2070: It is partially constructed; engine mount is assembled and in body tube, streamer is attached to nose cone, chutes are still sealed in plastic bag, and decals have been applied. Produced from 1992-1998 (USA)
-Nike Arrow #0835: It is unopened but, the main body tube is mangled (BT-20). Produced from 1997-1998 (USA)
-Battle Star Gallactica Colonial Viper #1318: It is partially constructed but appears to have all parts. Produced in 1979 (USA)
-Astron Apogee II #K-5 (#1205): The 3 “ body tube is creased (BT-20) and is missing one engine block, shock cord, parachute, swivel, shroud line, tape strips, technical report (TR-2) and balsa. The weight and the screw eye have already been attached to the nose cone + it has an extra nose cone. Produced from 1962-1981 (USA)
-Ram Jet #1994: Does not have the nose cone and the balsa pieces have separated. Produced from 1988-1991 (USA)
-Range Box #1410: It is missing the launch rod. The launch pad appears to have been used before and the launch controller is assembled. The rocket kit (Air Walker) is unopened and in excellent condition.

Estes Parts Lists/Instructions and Fin Pattern Sheets:
-Big Bertha #K-23                                                 -Alpha III #1256             
-Mosquito #TK-1(fin guide missing)                      -Astron X-Ray#0834                                            -Starship Nova#1371                                            -Maxi Icarus#1331          
-Astron Mark #K-2(fin guide missing)                   -Patna Mark-1Plan#64            
-Big Bertha #1223(has fin pattern)                       -Avenger #1238
-General View Rocket Glider                               -Gyroc#1224(has fin pattern)
-Black Brant III #1293 (also scale plans by Peter Alway & articles by G.Harry Stine)
-Blue Angel (parts list, illustration, fin pattern &marking guides
-2 Vintage Fin Pattern Sheets

Estes Designer’s Special Parts Assortment #1463 which (the box is in bad shape but the supplies are in excellent condition). It includes:
  -Body Tubes: 2 BT-5, 2 BT-20, 2 BT-50, 1 BT-55, 1 BT-60
  -Fin Material: 2 BFS-20, 2 BFS-30, 2 BFS-40
  -Nose Cones: 1 BNC-5E, BNC-5S, 1 BNC-20B, 1 BNC-20R, 1 PNC-50KA,
   1 PNC-    50Y, 1 PNC-55AC, 1PNC-60L
  -Parachutes: 1 PK-10, 2 PK-12, 1 PK-18, 1 PK-24
  -Additional Supplies: 3 Shock Cord 1/8”x18”, 1 Shock Cord 1/8”x36, 1 Shock Cord       1/4x36, 1 Streamer Material, 6 Screw Eyes, 3 Engine Blocks EB-20A, 3 Engine Holders EH-3, 3 Engine Holders EH-2, 1 Engine Mount EH-2050, 1 Engine Mount EH-2060, 1 Nose Block NB-20, 1 Nose Block NB-50, 1 Stage Coupler JT-55C, 1 Stage Coupler JT-60C, 1 Balsa Adapter TA-2050A, 1 Multi-purpose Paper Adapter Set TA-1, 12 Launch Lugs, 1 Alpha Book of Model Rocketry, 1 Fin Pattern Sheet#2, 1 Fin Pattern Sheet #3

Flying Model Rocket Supplies:
Body Tubes:
-1 unopened package of 4 BT-5 x 18” long (Red Arrow Hobbies)
-1 BT-20 x 18” long (Estes)
-1 unopened package of 3 BT-56 x 18” long (Red Arrow Hobbies)
-1 unopened package of 2 BT-80 x 14” long (Estes #303090)
-2 BT-60 x 18” long
-2 BT-55 x 18” long
-5 BT-51 x 10 “ long
-5 BT-50 x 12” long
-2 BT-20 x 9” long
-3 5C couplers (3/4” long)
-1 unopened vintage Estes 50C coupler (1” long)
-3 51C couplers (1 “ long)
-5 55C couplers (1 “ long)
-3 55C couplers (2” long)
-1 unopened vintage Estes 70C coupler (1 “ long)
Engine Mounts and Accessories:
-1 BT-55 engine tube (5 “ long)
-2 unopened vintage Estes Mini Engine Adapters (EM-520)
-1 unopened vintage Estes Engine Mount (EH-2050)
-2 unopened vintage Estes Engine Mount (EH-2060)
-1 Estes Engine Mount Kit (fits BT-55, BT-60 and/or BT-80, “D” and “E” engines)
-1 unopened vintage Flight Systems conversion kit for “A”,”B”,”C”,and “D” engines
-1 Ejection Baffle Kit Semroc (#EB-2257)
-1 Baffle Set (#EB-55)
-1 unopened vintage Estes package of 3 engine blocks (EB-20A)
-1 unopened package of 6Estes engine hooks (#303143)
-1 unopened vintage Estes package of 3 engine hooks
-1 unopened vintage Estes centering rings (2050)
-1 unopened package of 10 centering rings (Red Arrow Hobbies)(5055)
-1 unopened package of6 centering rings (Semroc)(BT-20 to BT-60)
-6 unopened packages of vintage Estes shock cords
Payload Compartments:
-3 unopened vintage Estes payload compartment include balsa nose cone (PS-20C)
-1 unopened vintage Estes payload compartment include balsa nose cone (fit BT-5)
-1 unopened vintage Estes payload compartment include balsa nose cone (PS-55B)
-1 unopened vintage Vashon Rocket payload compartment kit include balsa nose cone(fits BT-50)
-1 unopened payload section kits Estes (2 payloads fit BT-20 and BT-50)(303194)
Nose Cones:
-1 unopened bag of 50 plastic ogive nose cones (fits BT-50)
-1 unopened package of 2 plastic nose cones (1ogive, 1 ellipsoid)(fit BT-60)(303165)
-9 plastic ogive nose cones fit BT-5
-3 plastic ogive nose cones fit BT-20
-11 plastic conical nose cones fit BT-20
-10 plastic ogive nose cones fit BT-50
-6 plastic ogive nose cones fit BT-55 and BT-60
-1 plastic Starship Nova nose cone fits BT-50
-8 balsa ogive nose cones to fit BT-20
-1 unopened Mylar octagonal  parachute
-5 assorted Estes parachutes
-1 plastic streamer
-1 unopened vintage Estes parachute
-1 unopened Estes 45 cm parachute
-1 unopened Quest 14” parachute
-2 36” bagged nylon parachute
Additional Supplies:
-1 unopened vintage Flight Systems package of 3 large launch lugs ” x 2”(#LL-12)
-9 balsa adapters TA-2050
-1 unopened vintage Estes spool heavy duty thread
-1 unopened vintage Estes package igniter wire
-1 unopened FlisKits Competition Pop Lug 2” (PL001)
-1 unopened vintage Vashon separator (timer and parachute release divice)
-1 unopened vintage Estes package of 6 screw eyes
-1 unopened vintage Estes Launch Control System #2212)
-1 unopened vintage Estes Emergency Repair Kit
-13 unopened packages recovery wadding (Estes and Quest)
-4 unopened packages of Estes igniters (6 per package)  

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